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AGUA MÁGICA, S.A. DE C.V located at: Carretera a Dolores Hidalgo Desviación km. 8, Rancho Taboada, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México, offerS the following:


At Hotel Hacienda Taboada and Water Resort Club, we strive to provide our guests with a pleasant stay and we value our customers loyalty. For us it is very important to respect the privacy of the information we obtain from our guests through this site or by written, verbal or visual communication. For this reason we declare to be a company incorporated under Mexican laws. As a company responsible for the processing of your personal data, we have developed our Statement of Privacy, in compliance with provisions by the " Federal Law on
Protection of Personal Data" and, in accordance with Articles 16, 17 , 18 and 37 of this law :

Personal Information at the Hotel or Club: 
The personal information we collect during the registration of your reservation or through registration at check in or check out of our hotel, which may include:
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Federal Tax number
  • Home, Office and / or mobile phone number (s)
  • License Plates
  • Passport Number
  • Payment information and security codes
  • Email address
  • Opinion of our services
  • Packages and other reservations with other Hotels, Airlines, Ground Operators, Local Tours
  • car rentals or any other type of services.
  • Membership in the Hotel and Club
These data will be used for the following purposes:
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Loyalty and fidelity programs
  • Information and rendering of services
  • Updating our Databases
  • Any other purposes consistent with all of the above
We may also use closed circuit camera systems as safety measures that can capture or record images of guests, visitors in public areas plus information relating to all guests, members, visitors and employees location within the Hotel and Club, for added peace of mind and security to our customers and guests.

  • Events: 
If organizing a Private or Corporate event within our premises, the date of
event, number of guests, event details, information such as number and names of participants , addresses, applicable taxes, price quotation and number of events as well as any personal information, as member of the group, all related information shall equally be protected by this Statement of Privacy. For special services contracted with third parties through our services, we may share information about the event with such third party service providers.

  • Holiday and Water Resort, Club Memberships: 
If you purchase any of our memberships or participate in the presentation or guided tours of our installations, or participate in our sweepstakes, we may ask you for personal information about your family size, your travel preferences, frequency of your travels and other information related to your vacation activies, as well as member or reservation numbers. Should you buy one of our memberships, we would also collect all contractual information for registration of your contract.

  • Electronic Invoicing: 
The information for electronic invoicing will be shared with the tax authorities; should you use corporate credit cards for payment, this may be shared with your Corporate entity.

  • Services at the Hotel and Club: 
Your personal information may be shared with our service departments at the Hotel and Club, such as Restaurant, Bar, Convenient Store, SPA and Memberships, etc. 

  • Service Providers: 
We have specialized service providers for certain products and services, such as accounting, auditing and legal advice, information technology, billing, credit and/or debit services related to services as shown in our web site; and related to the transportation of our guests.

  • Minors: 
Hotel Hacienda Taboada and the Water Resort Club do not collect personal
information about children under 18. We beg you not allow your children to submit personal information.

You shall have the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose, any abusive treatment we give to your personal data, as well as update or specify the means by which you receive information from Hotel Hacienda Taboada and Water Resort Club, via email at info@taboada.com.mx; unless we receive any specification to the contrary, the Hotel Hacienda Taboada and Water Resort Club may freely choose the method considered desirable to provide our information.


Our website and many other sites may use "cookies" or "other technologies" such as trademarks of pixels, web beacons, clear gifs or similar technologies to allow us or third parties to collect information about visits to the site, to receive advertising and mobile content online to our best interests and that ot third parties to process your reservations or requests.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to obtain your individual identity. The cookies are used on our website :

  • In all requested information as solicited.
  • To keep track of how many people use the site and how they use it, so we can keep it running fast and efficiently.
  • Deliver communications relevant to your interests and relevant content and locations .
Also, to explain the different cookies:
  • Required Cookies. Required cookies are necessary for the site to work and allow you to navigate, use all services and functions.
  • Functional Cookies. These cookies store settings such as language and information about reservations; these cookies also keep data such as the last hotel you looked at, so you can find it easily on your next visit . Some functional cookies allow maps or images to be displayed on our site .
  • Complementary Cookies. These cookies are used to complement the site to share content with members and non-members of social networks like Facebook , Twitter and YouTube . 

Web beacons are embedded images in a web page or email so they can be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor to the site, such as store information about the user's IP address, length of interaction time on that page and images the type of browser used.

  • Type of browser and operating system
  • The Internet pages you visit
  • The links followed
  • The IP address
  • The site you visited before ours

Such information may be used by us and third parties. Please bear in mind that, to the extent that the information obtained from cookies and other information constituting personal data, our Statement of Privacy provisions apply.


To delete or block cookies from your device, you can use the settings on your browser, you can also consult the help menu in your browser to learn how to remove or block cookies. The Hotel Hacienda Taboada and Water Resprt Club are not responsible for the settings of your browser.


From time to time, our Web site will provide “links” to information related to our services, tourist offers in the area of possible interest to our Guests, Members and Clients, cultural events and other information of possible attraction. Our responsibility is limited to our website, our operations and services. If you have any doubt regarding such links and sites, we advise that you visit them to inform yourself of their own Statements of Privacy. 

Carretera a Dolores Hidalgo Desviación Km 8 Rancho Taboada 
San Miguel de Allende, Gto, 37732, México

Tels: +52 (415) 152-9250